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Fitness Babe Nikki Waka

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Not much is known about Nikki Waka (aka Nikki Wakamatsu), but we do have a few tidbits.  Nikki seems to focus on fitness and bikini modeling for the most part.  However, there is no shortage of lingerie photos on her Instagram profile.  She certainly isn't lacking any assets on top or bottom.  Frankly, we feel a little blessed that she shares those lovely features with us.  The video below (via @trapjol) is simply a taste of the goodness Nikki brings to the Internet.

Per her Maxim Profile:

“I have a natural talent for making others feel like they know me within the first conversation we have. I’m comfortable in my own skin and want others to feel comfortable as well. I love getting into deep conversations and learning about why people think the way they do.

Food & traveling are my passions, and it’s truly amazing what we don’t know about eating healthy! To be able to help others improve their health with what our beautiful world has to offer would be so rewarding for me!”

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